Coronavirus Video Annotation Tool | Web App

  • 20 Mar, 2020
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CoronaVirus News Annotation Tool

Check out the application here!

This project was created for the DeltaLab at Wesleyan University. They wanted a way for their “human coders” to annotate terabytes worth of news footage seamlessly. The app is currently being used by hundreds of Wesleyan and Cornell University students who are collectively contributing to create more accurate training data for political analysis machine learning algorithms.

This app is hosted with Firebase Hosting and was created using Angular and NodeJS. Additionally, I am using Videogular2 to manage the videos and using Angular Material for the UI.


  • Mobile Friendly
  • Popups with instructions and clarifications for certain actions
  • Feedback form
  • Accordian View to show and hide crucial information
  • Visual Feedback for marking videos