Energy Skate | iOS & Web Game

  • 20 Feb, 2020
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🎮 🛹 EnergySkate iOS Game

What is it?

An iOS game to teach kids in grades 1st-5th about Kinetic and Potential Energy. This game was developed for my “Computational Media: Videogame Development” course taught by Christopher Weaver, the founder of Bethesda.

You may also download the iOS version of the game through this link here (Reccomended)

Play the game on your desktop here!

Things I learned:

  • Applied the teachings of Steve McConnell from his book, Rapid Development, to create and execute a schedule to meet a deadline
  • Learned to effectively delecate tasks and keep on schedule using Gannt Charts
  • Learned to use Unity 3D to create crossplatform games for mobile and the web
  • Learned best practices for structuring code and files to organize big projects
  • Learned to import art and use third party services to enhance game such as lighting, materials, and animations
  • Dove deeply into the world of video game design to identify what creates a “fun” game

A couple of pictures from the game


This game was created in collaboration with the following lovely team members.

  • Roshaan Siddiqui - Lead Programmer, Sound Effects, Animations
  • Luisa Bryan - Producer, Lead Animator, Art Design, and Main Sound Track
  • Nina Pemberton - Lead Art Designer
  • Yuan Sun - Programmer
  • Chelsea Dixon - Art Design and User Testing