Electronic Waiver Widget | Web App

  • 20 Apr, 2020
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Electronic Waiver Widget Tool

Note: This tool does not have a live interactive demo as the functionality for sending emails and SMS as well as the database for authenticating users resides in MassVr’s private servers.

What is it?

This tool was created for MassVr so that minors who visit their locations without their parents can make their parents sign the liability waivers over text or email.

Things I learned

  • I learned to use the Ionic Framework for creating web applications. This was my first time using this incredibly powerful framework. Around the same time I had an idea for WesEvents and made that a reality. See here.
  • I learned how to manage dependencies across projects
  • I learned to utlize Twilio for sending SMS messages
  • Learned how to use Firebase Cloud functions to deploy custom functions
  • Learned database terminology and how to use postgresql database to store and authenticate minors upon having their parents sign the waiver electronically
  • Gained basic familiarity with Scala’s Slick Framwork
  • Learned to use CSS’s Flexbox’s and other techniques to create responsive web pages


  • Email or SMS the parents the waiver via a website so they can sign it
  • If the Minor has a waiver ID, they may alternetively enter that in and authenticate the waiver
  • Live updates every 10 seconds to see if parents have signed the waiver

What minors See when they visit a MassVr location